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A Tango shop with all that you need for a great Tango experience. Online and in person Tango classes, a Tango book on how to practice and pop-up workshops to choose from!

Take a look at the list below and visit the appropriate page to get more information:


Tested recipes for a unique and fun Tango practice.
Progress faster, enhance your creativity and enjoy every dance!

You get instant access to 26 unique videos and pre-made video practices… and that is not all!
You also get a great opportunity. The opportunity to be more confident on the dance floor, to be powerful, sharing and creative. And most importantly behind all the rules of Tango to find the way to more YOU!

It takes You to Tango! The Ultimate Guide for Tango training for leaders and followers

Get it on Amazon or on Kobo in your country in digital or paperback format.
And if you prefer to listen, you can find it also as an audiobook through Audible.

When people ask me: “Why do you practice?”
I tell them: “I practice for the opportunity, to be more ME!” 

And this is why I wrote this guide. To help you form a constructive mentality around practice and change, help you fight mental icebergs that are keeping you back, help you set up your framework, your practice, your own Tango training and your path to becoming more YOU every day!

Private Classes Online and In-person

Private classes are a great way to focus on specific elements that may be holding you back and/ or that may interest you deeply and that you don’t have enough to work on them during your regular classes.

Our online classes run on Zoom while in-person classes, can be either at your own space or in an affiliated dance school.
Please note that in-person classes are offered only in Toronto at this time.

Such classes are perfect, for a single person, a couple and up to 2 couples.

For booking a class please, select the bundle you prefer and look for the confirmation email that will include all the information you need to set up your class.

Private Class for 1:

Private Class for a couple:

Class bundle for 4 classes for 1:

Class bundle for 4 classes for a couple:

Tango Shoes

We are affiliated with Pro Dancer dance shoes because we have tried them and we have loved them!
They are comfortable and stylish. And most importantly they have a style for everyone; for leaders and followers, low and high heels, practice shoes, open toe and close toe, extravagant and low profile.

This way you bound to find a pair you love at great prices and a great quality.

Constructing Dance

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