Tango chatting between dancers…Grab your coffee..!

We get together for some Tango chatting!
You know some times a friend can be the best mentor, and this is coming from me a dancer… Do you know what that means?
That most of the times I hate my partners…and then I realize how much, each of them has taught me..! haha

Tango chatting with Andy Kamienski

Andy Kamienski is a codancer and a friend for the community, here in Toronto.
He is also a Tango teacher, dj, milonga organizer and the organizer of a beautiful event Toronto Tango Experience

I invited him in for some Tango chatting where I got to see how he started Tango and almost quit in the first month.
How he blamed himself, for not being able to understand this dance
What he did to figure it out and how he managed the frustration of opposing information

I learned about his 23 trips–so far– to Buenos Aires, an interesting class with Gavito, the people he follows now, what inspires him and how he tries to inspire and teach his students.

We also dance, dance, dance at the end!
All improvised, as you can see I caught him by surprise too, but he had no problem showing me some of his moves..!haha

With no further a do here is the video:
Tango chatting between dancers

Now some Tango chatting from you..!

Leave a comment below with your thoughts or a question that you would like me to include in the next chat..!

This is an attempt not only to share experiences but also to support and grow strong all together no matter how close or how far we are from each other.
I promise to try to put all your questions in, especially the ones that I believe to be questions many people out there have.

What are you waiting for…Grab your coffees

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