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Programs and courses

Programs and courses… how did we get here?

It took me a few good years to put together and offer a practice program for Tango and that was not because I wasn’t sure if it was needed or if it would help other dancers, it was because I was practising myself, and still am, on the different exercises and different approaches to ensure that the program I will be delivering to you works.
I am sure that we have all followed the standard Tango teaching, where we either get specific routines or/and specific technique drills.

The standard learning approach…

I have gone through the standard approach, I have taught the standard approach. And I know that it will get you to an ok level, but not any further.
I have taken classes with various teachers of different techniques and styles each and everyone claiming that THEY know the real Tango.
I started working out to strengthen my posture, I took yoga for balance and flexibility. Even learned anatomy.
Did any of that help me? Yes, of course!
t made my body stronger, my balance better and mind wiser…haha
If you are asking me though whether it got me to dance more freely, improvise, enjoy my dances as a leader or become an active follower? No, it did not.
Actually some of it caused more frustration. All of it together just didn’t make sense.

What I wanted was to feel good when I was dancing with different people of different styles, to be able to have fun on the dancefloor, to able to dance without thinking too much.
I knew the rules but I now I wanted to dance!

And so I started practicing on experiencing the rules, feeling them in my body through movement until they started making sense.
And my dances since then have been the most enjoyable dances I‘ve had since I was a beginner and was happy with just getting up from my chair.

This is what Intelligent Tango is about

Material–aka what you practice beats how you practice. That initial choice of essential practicing material is vital to your progress.
Of course how you sequence then the material and how frequently you practice play a role in your overall progress. The method of practice has to be effective and sustainable.
Lastly, you need to see numerable results in a reasonable amount of time.

That is what Intelligent Tango is partly about, finding the material and suggesting the method for an effective and efficient practice.

In bodily terms though Intelligent Tango has more to do with building a conversation with your body from the outside in and vice versa. Understanding how movement is created in our bodies, we get to understand how the parts of the body relate to each other, how they come together despite their differences to create our movement. Our movements might be taking us to one direction but they multidirectional and include the whole from within. We can then wake up to the details of that experience and share them with a partner.

Intelligent Tango… What is included in the program

I am sorry it took a good 5 years for me to come to you with Intelligent Tango.
I am confident now, though, that this program is a great chance for you to create an experience out of your practice and out of your dances that is going to be special and personal.

This is what I have put together for you:

  1. Posture and Balance inside-out

    Experiencing and understanding the rules of posrture and balance not through stiffening rules but through movement. Finding movement of our spine, that can lead you to the desired alignment defining Tango posture, in a more secure, enjoyable, expanding and effiecient way. Approaching balance by tapping into the #1 Antigravity Mechanish our body has, which is our breath through exercises, the embrace and embellishments.

  2. Walk your way from life to Tango and walking with projectionWe all know how to walk. We do it everyday, and it might not be perfect but it is good enough. What happens when we enter a Tango class and we realize that what was good enough actually sucks? We get frustrated! So what we will do here,  pay a bit attention to the details of our everyday walk–natural biomechanics, as science calls it. After noticing experiencing through exercises, which of these details can actually help us become more comfortable and creative on the dance floor we will focus on enhancing them through Tango drills, the embrace and embellishments
  3. Ochos from 0 to 2 years old and from struggling teens to strong adults Our body is very clever and very well equiped for Tango dancing, bear hunting and dinosaur escaping…haha…
    No really, we have been veru efficiently made ot survive and our spine twists–locomotion– and turns and rotates.
    We will explorating these movements–rotation, twisting and turning–through various exercises with the goal of understanding our ochos better and them actually comfortable, secure and beatiful no matter how big they get..!

    Proper alignment, efficient movement of the spine and breathing, are essential to ocho bliss and we will be practicing on all of these elements through the embrace, embellishments and enrosques.   
What makes this program special

This program, or better said this experience is a great chance for you and for every Tango dancer, to practice under your own terms, to make this course YOUR course, to make every little exercise an experience that brings up a huge smile on your face.
To give yourself the oppoprtunity to discover new things about yourself, about your movement, about what Tango is for you. Not by ignoring the rules, but by allowing yourself to go all in and rediscover the rules.

Just like when we were kids and we were always learning new things. We didn’t know the rules and that was an advantage. It allowed us to fully live the experience, without being too harsh on ourselves.
You have to be careful though as it requires a minimum investment. An investment in yourself and in discovering more about your movement and your body than you ever did before.  Which can be a good chance for you to see how being comfortable with discomfort makes you achieve great things.

Lastly, I want to say, that first and foremost I am a dancer.
I have my ups and downs.
There are days that I feel shitty in my body
I hate my partners and then I realize that all of them have taught me something valuable.
One dance can change a whole week of grumpiness…haha
I am an individual who loves being in a partnership and a community. That empathetic bond of partnership that dancers have is what sometimes teachers miss.

And so I will be there for you through this and I hope that you will be here for me too, all of us learning and growing together, as this program comes with an entrance to private online community, and 3 guides

Take a look at the “Intelligent Tango” program

Take a look of the contents of the course here:

Intelligent Tango Contents

And our 3 guides, you can read the preface and the contents

A tiny spark to a 2hour practice
A guide on how to build your practice from a tiny habit to a 2hour practice

Motivation guide
If you are feeling unmotivated this refreshing approach will give you a new energy. Here, we will learn not to rely on motivation but on results

Build your practice– Choose exercises wisely
A guide on how to choose the right exercise for your physical and Tango level, experience and movement background

Not sure what all this means..?

The truth is that over the last few months we got to dive into the philosophy behind Intelligent Tango.

A few examples:

Posture as a movement

The element of the embrace in posture

How to lead anyone but first yourself

Discover your walk

5 is greater than 0– 5min Tango Practice

5min practice on ochos

This is what Intelligent Tango stands

It would mean a lot if you took the time to share your thoughts

I truly hope to see you inside!

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