Posture–Your Internal Dance

Does any of this posture trouble sound familiar..?

“My arm is killing me…”
“Is my lower back supposed to hurt?”
“I feel like a robot…”
“Having to think about all these rules… how much I have to bend my knees..?  Reach forward… Keep your chest out… they won’t let me think of anything else!”

Why is posture causing such great trouble

When we start taking Tango lessons the realization of how bad our posture is hits us..! haha

That is not the frustrating part though!
For most of us it is in fact an great opportunity to sit up a bit just a bit taller compared to when sitting in front of our computer…
Tango despite being hard work makes us feel that better in our body!

The frustrating part comes afterwards when we realize that after months and months we are still feeling better BUT we are NOT getting better..!

I am sure you have felt like my friend here:
“I have been doing Tango for 2 years and I still can’t figure it out..!” A.

I am sure you have felt that it is not natural, it is stiffening and robotic.
That it is not allowing to fully enjoy your dance which could mean fully connecting with your partners, freeing your mind from all the rules, improvising, being musical or even simply walking back home without any pain!

This is what this workshop is in fact all about

This is what “Posture–Your Internal personal dance” is all about. It is a Tango workshop for Tango dancers of all-levels who want to master the rules of posture to be able to enjoy their dances more

How will do that?
Well, following is a description on our 4 hours of class:

  • Mind- map the movement of your spine for an effortless posture
    Through a series of simple yet powerful individual drills we will acknowledge what trouble each one of us is facing and find fun, relaxing and efficient ways to fix them once and for all.
  • The element of the embrace in our posture
    In Tango we have many ways to embrace, that is part of it’s beauty! We will work with each embrace and connect it to our body’s position for more enjoyable hugs and effortless movement
  • Posture, Walks and Ochos
    Through a series of individual drills we will be working on ALL fundamental Tango elements together. We will see how one depends on the other and how small but focused tweaks can make a huge difference
  • Improvising–Dance, dance dance and dance some more
    We will be improvising on fundamental maybe even boring sequences…(not anymore!haha)…by changing our embrace, our energy and posture


Where, when and what– The details


We will be meeting at the East Community Centre at:
1081 1/2 Pape Ave, East York, ON M4K 3W4


Saturday & Sunday MAY 5TH & 6TH at 2:30- 4:30 PM


  • Life-time access to the video footage with extra details and tips on how to keep on practicing what you learned and
  • A full guide on posture to get you warmed up till March


Join here for $57:

Constructing Dance

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