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Online Tango Classes- Live

Online Tango classes and practices are here to stay, at least for the time being. And though we are all missing being in an actual class with other people, I think, that going to a virtual class is a way to feel as we are part of community, to feel less disconnected, to learn from people at the other end of the world and possibly even make some new friends.

So with that being said we will be continuing our online Tango classes with a second set of 5.
Classes are taking place on Zoom, they are all recorded and sent to the participants after the class.
We keep the group small, this way the online environment is still manageable plus it gives me the opportunity to communicate with everyone through email or phone during the week, answering questions, offering guidance and sharing moments of success!

What did our students say for our first set of online classes

Richard: “Chrisa’s class was just what I was looking for. I could do most of the basic to intermediate tango steps with some proficiency, but I knew that to get better, I didn’t just need to practice. I needed to understand how the body moved and why it moved that way. Chrisa has a depth of knowledge on the subject of mind-body connection and somatic movement, both topics that I want to study more, She explains the complex in simple terms, and she will readily engage with students, often in a very Socratic way where she leads the student to think through the answer. If you want to understand why and how the body moves as it does, I highly recommend Chrisa’s classes”

Linda: “Great instructor and it all makes sense!!!!”

Gesina: “Hello Chrisa,

Thanks for this wonderful set-it helped me to understand more details: I knew a lot already because I am following your weekly videos and so many things were completed during the set. I would have liked to practice more during our meetings even if I know that the theory is very important and helpful to know about . Only my point of view .. just wanted to share.

Looking forward to all the new stuff ;-))”

T.K: “In the sessions, i understood small details about standing and walking. Those details made me to understand the source of my faults.”

Online Tango Class Vol.2 Schedule:
  1. Class #1: Breathing
    A great amount of time is spent in Tango classes trying to find an efficient uninhibited breathing pattern. And that is for a good reason..! In this class we will see how our body moves through breathing, how that affects our posture and informs our movement and rhythm
  2. Class #2: Understanding the muscles of the back
    The muscles of the back are key to movement exploration; their geometry, their linkages, their movement patterns, their support to our breathing etc. make them one of the first elements to start working with when trying to understand and redefine your movement
  3.  Class #3: Muscles how they act and react
    Understanding the range of response and initiatives our muscles have and how that becomes a dance
  4. Class #4: Spirals
    In the previous set of classes we worked on the bone structure and geometry and we discovered a lot about the figure 8. We will that figure 8 now in movement; exploring spiralling pathways that might seem more unclear than straight lines but more defining for the body due to bone structure and tensegrity
  5. Class #5: Musicality
    And as in the previous class we will be dancing away for class 5 trying to experience and absorb as much as we can from the above
Extra Bonus-es

One of the participants of the first round of classes, asked me if I could put together a “study”/ “practice” program for him, which I did with joy. Of course the program is a living thing so as we go I add things for him to keep exploring
So I thought this would be cool to do for everyone who would be interested.
If therefore you decide to join and you are not sure how to structure your own practice, we can build it together!

And similarly to what was offered in the first set of classes, all students can make videos for me to see and provide feedback to them. This way if something doesn’t feel right, or if you are unsure of how you need to proceed you can make a video and send it to me so I can provide some insight.

Lastly, in parallel to all of that I am always available for a chat either through email or social media for any questions, concerns, and light bulb moments!

Why isn’t this for couples, one might ask…

Well Bautanz was always in the business of individual work, individual practice.
Proof of that is our  exciting online Tango practice class PROGRAMS & COURSES–INTELLIGENT TANGO

And if this craziness wasn’t happening I would have been running a workshop in the studio with this very schedule
The thinking behind it, is that your partner can mess you up but can’t fix you up… The fixing you need to do yourself!

I will have a partner though, and his contribution will be crucial to our classes. Some of you might know him already, his name is Skeli…

online tango

He is my skeleton..! and he will show us all of these things that we talk about but we never get to see!

How will this work:

We are starting on Saturday May 23rd and for 5 Saturdays at 12:30pm EST for 1hr and 30m

Every week you will receive a link to a ZOOM meeting and the outline of the class. This would be your first chance to go through the materials and ask any questions prior to coming to class.
If any equipment are needed, usually they are not, but if so that will also be included in that weekly email prior to the class

Now following the class, you will receive an email with follow-up materials and a link to the full video of the class. You can reach out to me any time with questions, comments and thoughts either through email on on social media

So you can understand that it is important once you hit the enrol button to go to email and confirm! This is how the system automatically confirms your payment and stores your email.

I have set up a double confirmation of payment to ensure the security of your payments through the site. So please check for that confirmation email for your payment to go through and your email to be in the system, for you to receive the links.

There is one more reason why you absolutely have to open that email… there are practice videos, so you can get started while you wait for the classes to start! 😉

So I guess the only thing left for you to do is choose how you would like to contribute and I hope I will see you there!

  1. $25 ($5/class):
  2. $50 ($10/class):
  3. $75 ($15/class):

Aaaand we will have a weekly online Tango practice every Wednesday our Mid-week tango practice
The practice will be following the above themes however you can invite friends to join us, as well!

Answers to your most common questions
  1. Will I learn Tango from this class?
    No, unfortunately not. You can’t learn Tango from this class. You need to have some Tango experience. If you want to learn about anatomy though, while doing some dance moves, then join us!
  2. Is this only for leaders or followers?
    This class is for all dancers, as it deals with movement technique not specific to leaders or followers
  3. Is this for beginners?
    Absolutely! It is an all level, all style, all role class
  4. Can I pay per class?
    Though it makes logistics much easier if you don’t, if there no way you can avoid it contact me at:
    At least 48hrs prior to the class you want to take.
  5. What time are the classes on in my country?
    This is taking place in Toronto Canada, find what time will be at your place here:

If you have any other questions send me an email at


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