BauTanz Tango Group Meetings–To learn, dance and celebrate


BauTanz is turning 1 YEAR old! Yaaayyy

I can’t let this one just pass, right? RIGHT!
So, I thought the best way to actually celebrate, is with YOU. Because what is the point of doing Tango if we don’t get together to learn, to practice, to dance, to meet each other.

I want therefore to invite you to a series of group classes, starting Sunday, October 15th 2-4pm and for 10 consecutive Sundays.

I am starting in Toronto and then I am hoping to visit every place that there are BauTanz subscribers and people who are passionate for Tango. It might take some time,  I know…hahaha…
But that is my dream of such a Tango group everywhere around the world!

With that being said though, I am not sure when and if I will be able to do another group in Toronto, so this is your chance my Toronto and GTA friends.

What we will be working on?

During those 2 hours of class and practice, you will have the opportunity not only to work on technique, learn new sequences and do drills and exercises.
But most importantly you will have the chance to improvise, play with the music, build your social dance experience and simply DANCE.

“Tango is difficult dance” Everybody
Right? haha

My job through this group is to deconstruct Tango, so we can shorten the frustration period down and find the ways to fully express ourselves, to dance and forget everything else around us and even become somebody else..!
Look at Tango and think… this is CRAZY, but I am going to do it anyway!

What you will be getting with your registration
  • 20 hours of class in total
    2 hours for 10 consecutive Sundays
  • Small group of like minded people, curious, passionate and hungry for more Tango
  • Hands on and personalized attention
  • Notes and videos of the exercises shared in a private page here at BauTanz.
  • Community building to offer and receive help, feedback and light bulb moments
  • We have a 2- step confirmation set up, for your safety. An email will be sent to you to confirmation  your registartion
Is this Tango group for me..?

I want to tell you who this is not for, because it will be way easier and I would truly hate it if you joined and you got disappointed.

This is NOT for you if you solely interested in ONE aspect of Tango. For example if you are solely interested in sequences, strictly technique or embellishments…then this class is not for you.

If on the other hand you are curious, passionate about Tango, about dance and movement that is all you need!

If you want to experiment, to build on your sequencing, if you want to strengthen your technique, if you want to be able to improvise more, be more musical, more free and unique on the dance floor…

I hope to see you at:

Egyptian Dance Academy
211 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2
on Sunday October 15th, 2-4pm
Registration is NOW open until October 14th 11:59pm for $197.00
I won’t be able to accept any payments the day of the class unfortunately, so be sure to register in advance right through here:
(We have a 2- step confirmation set up, for your safety. An email will be sent to you to confirmation  your registartion)

Constructing Dance

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