Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I know I have to practice but I have no idea how… I feel I am just doing random exercises”
  • “Private classes, group classes, workshops and practises, I do it all… but I am still feeling stuck… maybe this dance is not for me”
  • “I want to get better, I want to feel creative on the dance floor, I want to feel that my partners are dancing with ME. That they are INTO our dance”
  • “How can I get better when I don’t have a partner to practice?”
  • “What am I doing wrong? How do I always end up either sitting for hours at the milongas or dancing with bad dancers?”
  • “I need some guidance, I don’t want to waste my time, practicing random moves that will not work on the dance floor”
  • “Well, I want to get better, but who will I dance with afterwards? My community is small and not very eager to learn anything but sequences…”
  • “Tango is such a difficult dance…”

If so you have come to the right place.

Hi! I am Chrisa Assis founder of Bautanz.
This, is INTELLIGENT TANGO a MULTI disciplinary practice package, that will help you become the dancer you are hoping, wishing, dreaming of.
It is a complilation of the best exercises I personally use when I am practising. A tool box of diverse, focused and fun Tango practice exercises to help you build a smart practice.

Tango is indeed a difficult dance.
It should NOT, though take AGES for someone to start having fun and fully enjoying his/her time on the dance floor.


All great Tango teachers, world- known dancers, great athletes, and high-end professionals in various fields, follow a multi-disciplinary practice in order to master and perfect their craft.
Dancers are doing fitness, yoga, martial arts while soccer players do ballet, and yoga teachers persue ocheopathy degrees.

If you want to shorten the frustration time, and ensure that you will keep on progressing, you don’t only need to work harder, you need to work smarter too.

Lets take things from the beginning though….

Somehow you got into Tango… Maybe it was just another dance you wanted to try out, or your girlfriend  wanted to try it and you just went along with it. Or you wanted a taste of that dance that looks so romantic, so intimate, so sexy…

Whatever the case may be… here you are now, a few months or a few years in and you are hooked!

One part of you is thinking: “I need to figure this dance out ” while the other, the most logical part is saying: “This is ridiculous, it is just a dance, let it go…!”
But somehow, you end up reliving those moments when:

“It all works, and it is magical. It feels like I can loose myself in it”
“I am in sync with my partner, I feel carefree.
I can forget everything when I am dancing
“The feeling of becoming better just takes over me, it thrills me. I love the feeling of accomplishment. It makes me feel like I can do anything. I can become anyone”

The biggest problem is that these magical moments come and go.
One tanda with a great dancer takes us  to 7th heaven, and on the very next one, we want to kill ourselves.

Most if us will think we just need to: WORK HARDER and find a STEADY PARTNER

You get a partner and we try to get as many group classes, private classes, workshops, festivals, practicas and milongas.
You dance together as much as you can–until you become taht Tango cliche of 1 body with 4 legs.

I did ALL that! And I did work… for a period of time

But the sweet joy of progress was short- lived. Because as you know finding a partner is not an easy task.
Finding a partner with free time, is even harder. And finding a partner with enough free time AND lots of patience to commit to practicingin the dark, with no idea of what, where and how, is nearly impossible.

Before I knew it, I was twice as good and 4 times as bitter and frustrated

So I started practicing on my own…

I started training, everyday for 2 hours a day, plus taking yoga, contemporary dance and fitness classes.
I followed diverse disciplines looking for effortless movement. For natural and comfortable posture.
Looking for the most efficient, smoothest way to walk and do ochos, so I could stop feeling like a Tango robot that depended on other people to perform well…

After 2 years of exploration, a lot of ups and downs and crazy thoughts of giving up, ONE class with Pablo Veron, back in 2015, got me where I am today. 

Walking out of that class, I knew there was a lot of work to be done, but I also knew it was going be creative, exciting work.

That work is what allowed me to build a practice system, Intelligent Tango, that:

  1. Makes me feel physically better when I dance
    No more squeezing, pulling,reaching and pushing that caused tension
    I focused on discovering how to move my whole in unison to create a smooth, effortless dance
  2. Allows me to enjoy every dance.
    No more waiting for the great dancers for a dance.
    Instead, I focused more on making the best out of every dance, while enjoying the confidence of in choosing my partners. 

This very system, got some great results for my students


“Thank you so much! You have saved me from a lot of frustration and anguish! Thank you!”


“It was insightful and fun. You are a great teacher. Can’t wait to do it again!”


“It is amazing, not only because I can really practice without having a partner, but also because it gives me hope that despite my age I can still have good quality of movement, good quality of life


“Hey (…) just wanted to give you some feedback on my trip down to BsAs… all of the teachers that taught me last year were very surprised at the jump in improvement from last year… What was more telling was Pedro, who saw me in december and said that there was a really big jump from december to march… i really believe that can be squarely attributed to your lessons…”(…) “thank you again… i tell you this, because it’s always nice to have good feedback, but also to confirm what you already know, you know your stuff.”


“I love it. A good tool for everyday tango exercises. Thank you.”


“I am one of those tango dancers, who do majority of tango training on their own, working upon the knowledge delivered by maestros on the privates, and who really desire to master dancing. Chrisa and her BauTanz help me immensely here.

She is flexible, goal-oriented and knowledgeable. And above all, she really does take time, listens and thinks things through. Which means a lot to me, so I would recommend her wholeheartedly. Yep

The same system, only updated, I am bringing to YOU today

With Intelligent Tango

What are you getting?
  1. Lifetime access to 26 practice videos on ALL the fundamental elements of Tango

  2. 3 Practice Guides:
    • “From a tiny spark to a 2hour practice”.
      Numerous READY to use Tango practice recipes, made for you ranging from 5mins long to 2 hours long
      The how to…of building your own practice and making even better use of all this material
    • Build your practice–Choose your exercises wisely”.
      Helps you define your Tango level, and leads you through choosing the right exercises for you
    • “Rely on results not on motivation”.
      Tools and tips to stay motivated
  3. 30mins Welcome call with myself through Skype
  4. Secret Facebook Group where you can offer and get help but also build relationships with other people who love Tango as much as you do.
  5. Little email nudges, reminding you to practice

What should you expect practicing with Intelligent Tango

I’m going to be honest with you.
No one can ensure your success, other than you! And if someone promises great results in ZERO time, don’t trust them.

But if you trust the system, if you use the routines prepared for you, if you don’t  jump ahead and if you are consistent and smart with your practice, then this is what you should expect:

  • From day#1: You will be feeling different. In general. Possibly a bit relaxed, maybe more focused, and with your mind thinking: “Hm! this is different…” Keep exploring, experimenting and having fun with it.
  • First few milongas: They will suck..! I am being brutally honest here, you won’t be able to apply all the things you will learn to the milongas.  It is normal and only temporary.
    Be patient.

    Ego and thoughts like: “I have been practicing for 3 days now, shouldn’t I be feeling great?” are a loser’s recipe.
    Be patient and play the long game, it pays off!
  • Around 2 months time, you will be able to do longer practices, you will be feeling more grounded/ balanced, better connected to yourself and to some of your partners, not to all of them most likely–it depends on how much time and effort you put into this.
  • Lastly during ALL this time, you will be getting 10x more out of your classes, privates, workshops, practicas because of all the detailed work you will be doing on your own.

You will see results. Real results, applicable on the dance floor.
Changes in your technique, the quality of your dance but also on your confidence.
You will find yourselves complaining less and appreciating your dances and milongas more.

It is not just that…

What I personally find extraordinary about Intelligent Tango is that it makes my brain practice in finding connections between different activities–fitness, yoga, swimming etc–and Tango. This leads to better movement overall!

And as Linda says: “{ you can gain} good quality of movement, good quality of life”.


Now I know there are some troubling questions here to be answered:

  • I don’t know…Is “intelligent tango” really for me?

    So let’s see who this is not for, as I would hate it for you to take the course and be disappointed.

    This is NOT for you, if:

    • You have never done Tango before.
      Unfortunately, this course will not teach you Tango, it can only make you better once you get started. So start with group or private classes and we will be here for you when you want to get better, faster
    • You want to learn more sequences
      This is not a course that builds on sequencing. It is a course focusing on helping you feel more free and creative while dancing, through mastering the fundamentals. Of course, when you start feeling more confident, you will be able to improvise more BUT you will not learn new sequences with Intelligent Tango.
    • You want to compete
      If you wish to be the next Mundial champion this course and any online course can only have a great supportive role. What you need is private classes with an experienced coach or former champion

If you are someone who wants to enjoy the milongas more, who wants to feel free and confident, to be creative on the dance floor, then this is a course for you, no matter what level you are at!

  • Is this a course follower or leader focused

This course is for both leaders and followers. How you create movement has nothing to do with your role in the dance. How you interpret movement or how you express yourself might have something to do with your role in the dance but how you create movement is the same for leaders and followers.
You are the leader of your own body and therefore you are responsible for your movement not your partner.

  • I am really too busy at the moment

The greatest part is that you have lifetime access to Intelligent Tango
It is not going away but it’s price is going up. So financially, it is best to make your move now.

On a more psychological level, this course might actually be your chance to get your life back. We encourage our students to start small, really small with their practice, and specifically with a 30sec Tango routine, and 5min focused practices. We ALL have 5mins and you deserve to have 5mins on something you love…
Think about what Tony Robbins says: “If you don’t have 5mins you don’t have a life”

  • Bad timing…I have more important things I should be taking care of.

I know! But taking care of yourself is one of those important things. I am sure you are working hard enough to be able to grant yourself 5mins of “me time”, of “tango time” without feeling guilty about it . And don’t forget you have lifetime access

  • Can’t I just do this on my own..?

Of course you can! I did it, so you can too.
Have in mind though that it took me 8 years to get here despite/ thanks to my dance background. Plus, the resources that I had from working in dance schools and gyms, where with minimal or no-fee I could access equipment and all types of classes. So you do the math of how long it might take you, and how much it is going to cost. I can’t calculate that for you, I can only share my experience.

  • I have tried other online courses and they haven’t worked for me… How is “Intelligent Tango” different and how do I know it is going to work?

One thing that will put you at ease is that this course comes with 100% 60-day money back guarantee.
This means that you can try the whole course before you even decide if it is good for you.
There are 2 more things that make Intelligent Tango special:

  • I have selected, the best, exercises from MY practice. There is not one exercise in there that I don’t personally do. So I know that these exercises can give you great results in a measurable amount of time, because I do them..!
  • It aims on making the practice, a habit, a behavior, an experience to look forward to and not just another thing you HAVE TO do. You can be really experimental with your practice, even build a practice on your own. The guides provide you with all the tips to do that properly. Or you can use per-structured practices that are also provided for you.
  • I am not really fit, will I be able to do the exercises?

    There is no reason to worry about that, there are variations offered for all levels of fitness and comfort. So you can choose the variation that feels safer and then you can build your way up.

  • Am I too old for this?

We need to define what “too old” means here. If you can still dance Tango you can surely do the Tango part of the course, which includes posture, balance, walks, ochos, embellishments, enrosques and embrace focused exercises.

Regarding the fitness/ yoga part, I have used the same exercises for 70year olds in my fitness classes. In the first few classes, they thought I was crazy…haha…They complained a lot, they were scared and insecure.
1 year later they are way above these exercises. They are doing intervals and applauding themselves at the end!
So, yes, some of these might be difficult in the beginning but they are doable.
Also, in the guide on how to choose the right exercise and variation, you will find variations for chronic pain and other trouble you might be having, and tips on how to proceed with safety.

This is, also one of the reasons I am providing the skype call, so we can talk about all these things.
Lastly, get in the program, take the exercises to your doctor, and if they say you should be avoiding them by all means…NO WORRIES.. there is money back guarantee!

  • But don’t I really need a partner to practice..?

You need to practice with and without a partner. You are responsible for the quality of your movement, not your partner. To have a good dance, YOU need to be a good dancer first and that is where individual work comes in play.
Plus, especially if you don’t have a partner and you want to get one, who is in fact good, then you need to have something to offer. Start practicing now to be able to suggest a partnership and add value to it.

  • How do I know if I am doing things right?

Well I would be very surprised if you did everything right. I do this every day and some days just suck! haha
Now, the great thing about the program is that it comes with a Facebook private community. When you get stuck, or you are unsure you write a post or make a video and there you go, you won’t only get my opinion but other people’s opinions too.
Plus if you are really feeling stuck, you can always book a Tango breakthrough coaching call with myself through Skype.

  • I really need to get good fast. Like really fast… I want to______(e.x: dance at my wedding…) would this work?

No, it will not! And I would suggest that you don’t join Intelligent Tango because it will create more frustration to you and to everybody else in this group. You have a very different goal and you are looking for shortcuts. But there are no shortcuts to getting good in Tango, like there are no shortcuts to getting fit, so no matter, how good a program is, it will always be a disappointment to you, because of your mindset.

  • I am not motivated enough

There is a big misconception and huge problem around motivation.

  1. We believe that some people are just born motivated, as if it is a gene or something.
  2. People rely on external factors to get motivated… like how many dances they get. If they dance with the “good” dancers. Whether they can do all of Pablo Veron’s ganchos or simply what other people think

These things though don’t matter, because they prove nothing and they only weigh you down!

Motivation comes from results. You start doing, you get results and you want to do more.
Do you want to have great experiences on the dance floor, or do you just want to go the milonga, have a mediocre night, complain about everything and everyone and then go home and get ready to repeat that the next weekend?

Personally, I HATE practicing, but I LOVE the results of it!
Start doing, be patient and motivation will come along with results, pleasure, and beautiful dances.

There can be a million questions troubling you, a lot of uncertainty and insecurity, all that is expected and reasonable.

BUT if you are fed up with feeling rejected, ignored, stagnant, frustrated and you want a chance to enjoy your nights in the milongas, to take your milonga and class experience to the next level; if you want to feel creative, free to improvise with ease and have more connected enjoyable dances with your partners, then I am confident that Intelligent Tango is for you!

Give yourself the chance to be the dancer you’d want to be dancing with!


We have a 2- step confirmation set up, for your safety. An email will be sent to you to confirm  your registartion

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