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Chrisa Assis Argentine TangoHi! I am Chrisa Assis,
Dance and fitness Teacher for the City of Toronto. Through my classes and workshops I help great amounts of people understand their bodies, achieve their physical goals, tune into the creative little monster they hide deep inside and shift their mental framework in order to build an artistic shelter, a safe place, in which they can find and nurture their spirit.

I see things a bit differently than other teachers out there

I don’t believe it takes TWO to Tango! I believe it takes YOU to Tango!
I will show what you can do today. Now… with no equipment, no huge space and no partner needed. Help you to become better at the dance you love. I will show you the science behind Tango, behind dance, so you can understand your body and how movement is created. I will show you, who you can be on the dancefloor! After all this time, after all your efforts, all this money spent, you deserve to look and most importantly to FEEL amazing. To be more YOU!

I don’t believe that everyone walking in a dance studio wants to be the best dancer in the world or that they are showing up just for fun..!
I will show you how to take 100% out of every class, every milonga and practica. How to get on the dancefloor and feel amazing. How to get asked more and more to dance. How to enjoy your every dance and most importantly how to become better every day!

I give away a large amount of material for free. Exercises, technique drills, improvisational tips and much more followed and tried out by me personally.

I know you have a lot of choices in who you follow, so I know that it will take one post at a time to earn your trust. If though you want to know a little bit about me…

Tango came to my life truly by chance..!
I was dancing for many years, especially  ballet, contemporary and Greek folk dancing, but it wasn’t Tango that got me, it was the country..!
I always wanted to visit Argentina, so when I saw that Argentine Tango classes were offered at my dance school, I signed up to get a little bit closer to the culture of Argentina..! And that was it!
From the very first class I knew it would become a passion!
I was very lucky, firstly because my first teacher Panagiotis- Ermis Karaboulas is an exceptional teacher.
Secondly because many of the most well known teachers visit Greece annually so I got a chance to take classes with:
Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez, Los Hermanos Macana, Pablo Veron, Milena Plebs, Raul Bravo, Geraldine Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi, Damian Rosenthal, Celine Ruiz, Monica Parra, Metin Yazir, and more.
But also later on, after coming to Canada, I got to chance to participate in seminars by Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza, Horacio Godoy, DNI Tango and many more..!

My way of teaching  is inspired not only from all the wonderful teachers mentioned above, but also from my on going studies on Body, mind Centering and Fitness
My wish is not only to share my love for this dance, or to teach people interesting steps, good technique and connection.
It is about giving people the opportunity to love dance!
To love creating something beautiful within their own bodies first and secondly with another human being..!

This is exactly my focus during my training, my personal practise, having the opportunity of getting better and better every day! To feel inspired and able to inspire more and more people!
If you just can’t wait to start investing in yourself  go to the welcome page and get The ultimate guide on Tango practice for leaders and followers

Constructing Dance

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