Argentine Tango Technique–Lets Improvise

Lets Improvise!

Is it easy to improvise in front of hundreds of people? No!
It is in fact very scary and that is what makes it magical when we watch all these world- known couples do it with such skill!

How many times do you find yourselves feeling bored of doing the same things over and over and over again in a milonga?
Or how often to you find yourselves thinking that even taking classes is a waste of time since you are not using any of the sequences you learning anyhow?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to improvise on the spot and keep your dance fun, interesting, fresh?

I can tell you it is a great thing to feel inspired and creative on the dancefloor. It feels…AWESOME!
And you can feel this way too, if you build a well- structure practice around improvisation.

There are many ways to improvise..!

Just like anything else in Tango, there isn’t ONE right way to work on improvisation, there are plenty of ways, all great if used at the right time.

Two are the most basic:

  1. Put music on and make yourself move to the music without following specific patterns.
  2. Take a pattern you already know, very well, deconstruct it and remake it.

For this first series of videos we are going to do the latter, simply because it is more manageable. Even if you get lost, you have a basic pattern to fall back to.

So with no further ado here is the video:

Lets Improvise on the box step

I chose the cross step as you can see, because it is pattern that you have probably done like a million times, so far and therefore you are familiar with it to say the least..!

Have fun and for any questions, comments, throughts, shoot me an email, I read all of them.


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