Discover your Walk

The Walk in Tango is a fundamental element.
It is not a coincidence that the phrase:
“If you can walk, you can dance the Tango!” has become a cliche
And the goal of making the walk feel natural, one of the biggest goals every tango dancer sets during his/hers Tango life.

If you have danced the Tango long enough you know very well how much frustration such cliches and such goals cause.
As we saw in the articles on posture our natural is far from what is physically considered good posture and good posture in Tango.
Same goes for our walk.
We have been walking for years but we are still doing it wrong. It usually takes an injury for us to start realizing how bad our walking technique is in everyday life or if we are lucky it just takes a Tango class!

So the video following is the first step to a more effortless walk and therefore the first step to a refreshed practice, a more enjoyable and free of strain dance.

Discover your walk Vol.# 1: Hips & Feet

So with no further ado here you have it guys,
Discover your walk– Hips & Feet close-up

A few suggestions to help you through this exercise:

  1. I would suggest you watch the whole video before doing the individual exercises.
  2. Focus all your attention to the lower body for now.
  3. Feel the connection between your hip and your heel in every movement that you do, and on a second level,  feel the connection between your free hip and your standing hip.
  4. Make sure to define the middle of every step, making both legs equally responsible for the shift of weight and last but not least
  5. Give yourself the opportunity to understand how the action happens from within. This is your chance to find the proper alignment, the ideal timing and the needed movement flow for each step to feel more natural. A chance to understand Tango and your body too.


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