Argentine Tango technique

Bringing the Science in Tango technique

Argentine Tango technique can be such a generic term BUT this is what we are about here in Bautanz:

Do you want your posture to feel effortless..?
Ever wonder if those ochos will ever become a little bit easier..?
Is dancing all night on stunning high  heels, still a dream?
Are you bored of hearing more “No”s than “Yes”s..? Or Sitting in the corner hoping for someone to ask you for a dance?

Not to worry, you are in good hands!
If you want to look and feel amazing on the dancefloor!
If you want to get 10x more out of your classes, milongas, and practicas!
See measurable results in a measurable amount of time and most importantly feel that you are dancing from head to toe, enjoying every minute of it!
Even if you have no time, no partner, or even if you are not sure whether you want to spend more money on this or simply not sure where to start..?
You are safe with us so wait no more…Give Tango another chance since you have come so far! LET’S GET STARTED!

Argentine Tango technique

Constructing Dance

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