3 exercises for balanced, smooth, successful enrosques

One word… Many many many sighs! haha

So many leaders have written and asked for ways to practice enrosques. They love the way they look, so powerful and yet so elegant BUT they get stuck when trying to do them…

If that is YOU… here is a video that can lead you to smooth, elegant, successful enrosques

As you can see you will get 3 exercises that follow a natural progression to enrosques, but before you get started, I want to encourage you take a few moments to consider which of the 3 elements that make enrosques tough–alignment, coordination and timing–you experience the most difficulty with.

Of course they are all related BUT try to detect which is the primary source of your trouble. This way you will have a:

  1. point to focus on
  2.  metric to track your progress. Meaning, if your timing is off for example, you can compare from practice to practice how your timing has improved
But don’t stop there… Take things further

There are 2 very important concepts that can be revealed and explored through enrosques. Concepts that are  vital forTango!

  1.  Coordination Vs Disassociation
    I think I have said this before…I hate disassociation as a word, because it transmits a very distorted message about how the body was built to move.For EFFICIENT, EFFORTLESS movement you need the different parts of the body to move supporting each other, in relation to one another and NOT as separate blocks!So making this practice about the communication between the upper and lower body, will be vital for your Tango. And enrosques are a great opportunity because they make it obvious
  2. Yielding.
    There is a power game being played in Tango that sometimes is needed BUT most of the times is useless and even dangerous as it creates a lot of tension in the body.I am sure you have heard of the cue: “Don’t collapse. Push into the floor”
    Try to do that with enrosques and you WILL feel stuck!Rigidity, hardness, pushing- pulling is NOT always the answer. Yielding, on the other hand, through the standing side, releasing tension, without collapsing towards the floor. Responding to gravity, by building a relationship of give and take, of understanding YOUR weight and how it reaches the earth, THAT can help you feel balanced, aligned and FREE to move.

    This is the 2nd vital element for Tango, but enrosques really bring it to light!

Have fun! Send me your questions and Tango trouble and remember Bautanz subscribers enjoy so much more weekly… What are you waiting for..? haha

More on ochos, pivots etc, check out this page: https://bautanz.com/argentine-tango-technique/argentine-tango-technique-ochos/


3 thoughts on “3 exercises for balanced, smooth, successful enrosques”

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    I find this movement most enjoyable moment to be when the turn happens through the ball of each foot sliding in a pivot powered by and through my legs. The Micheal Jackson back slide steps feel similar.

  2. I find this movement most fun moment to be when the turn happens through the ball of each foot sliding in a pivot powered by and through my legs. The Micheal Jackson back slide steps feel similar.

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