Moving Fast in Tango means more than just walking fast…

Moving Fast….


Maybe not quick as Flash… haha… but fast enough to causes us trouble

So most people, after they manage to extablish a connection with their partner, moving at a regular pace is rather comfortable for them.
And it is usually going faster or slower or changing their speed during the song, that they can’t really control all that well, and that messes their dance and connection up.

So this drill goes somewhat like this…
You will start at a pace that YOU feel comfortable with.
Don’t put any music on, for now.
Instead, start with a speed and a rhythm you feel comfortable with, that you have control over.

The biggest mistake most people make is starting from the rules, starting from where they should be instead of, from where they are.

So start from where you are, and most importantly start paying attention. Start listening!

2 things to look for here:

  1. How the rhythm of your walk matches the rhythm of your breath
  2. Take your mind to different parts of your body and notice how they are moving. Your spine, your head, your hips, your shoulders, your hands, your naval, everything
Moving Fast doesn’t just mean walking fast

This is a very important shift of mindset that you need to create.

Most people have problems, moving fast, because they believe that they only need to move their feet fast.
In reality though, you need to practice on moving your whole body fast through space.

So what usually happens, to most dancers is that they are having a great dance and when they attempt to move a bit faster, they tense up and become robots again.
Or exactly the opposite, there are some people who can move their feet fast enough without tensing up, but they are still missing on the experience of moving their WHOLE body fast, which makes them tense up when they try to slow down.

So as you are practising your walk, find your inner rhythm, notice how that inner rhythm organizes/ directs your body’s movement, and then attempt to change your speed.

When you start to feel confident with this it is time to add the music!
And as you will hear me say in the video, find a song that you like WHICH though starts slow and builds up in speed.

So with no further a do, here is your video:

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