Musicality means embodying the music NOT just being on beat

Last week’ s “failed” Instagram Live attempt (haha) was followed by some beautiful comments such as:

(…) And finally, how do I recognize THAT dancer in my partners? Well, the embrace is the first thing, but also musicality and emotion… but I could write an entire essay for each questionVladana (through Tangofolly)

Musicality as a way to connect

Have you ever had one of those dances where the tanda ends, your feet have stopped moving but you’re still dancing?
Where you and your partner are in sync, hearing the music in the same way!
As a leader, every pausa you made, your partner had the perfect embellishment ready.
And as a follower, you felt that your leader was reading your mind, that pausa coming in at the perfect moment and you finishing it off with the perfect touch.

Aaaah! Magic!

If only it was always that way…

Why isn’t it though?

The biggest mistake most people make with musicality, is making it all about the beat… They are usually satisfied with doing steps on the beat, and therefore their musical exploration ends short, before it even gets started.

Don’t get me wrong here, finding the beat is a great place to start BUT it is only the beginning, and not the end of the journey.
I am sure you’ve heard people saying things like: “I don’t feel the music” or “I don’t feel musical” or “I think my dance is boring” or “My partner is boring..” haha

Then what did these people do?
They ran for more tactics. They took private classes. Maybe went to workshops with big big names for  embellishments, technique, musicality.
If they were anything like me, they probably went to their teacher, local dj and youtube and got every song of the Golden era to listen to.
And then of course they probably learned new sequences on those songs.

And what happened?
It worked… Their dance got way better… Technically speaking! Of course!
But they are still not feeling the music. They haven’t grabbed the essence of it. Their dance doesn’t have the taste of it!
Which makes every dance feel the same, first to their partners and then to them…

How do I know?

Because I did all of those things and I still felt that there was something missing! And, you have probably been there as well..!

What can we do instead?

The goal of this video is to give you an idea on how to practice musicality… Not focusing on technique though, but on how you can match the rhythm of your movement, the rhythm of your body, with the music.
Instead of starting from the feet, we start from the body and take the rhythm down to the feet…

That is not all though…

As you will see in the video, there is a lot of exaggeration  needed..!
Don’t hold back…This is an exercise…Go ALL IN! And have fun with it!
You don’t dance Tango like that… haha
BUT here, you want to move your body to the music before you start Tango-ing.

There is a transition gab though…a secret ingredient..!
An ingredient that can help you create movement in your body–from a simple shift of weight to the most ellaborate Tango move–in an efficient, enjoyable way,  which will set your mind free so you can be creative on the music, with the music in the moment.

As every good chef, I have shared this secret ingredient with my readers… You can get it too, along with other Tango goodies after you subscribe to… 😉

Hope to see you there!


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