Don’t rely on motivation. Rely on results.

Motivation is something vague and completely unreliable. Though, the picture of a dancer being the rough talent, who doesn’t mind really practicing, but doesn’t really need it either because within 1 hour they are dazzeling, is sexier… they are also far from the truth!

Talent is not enough. Motivation alone is not enough. Taking action, following a system and feeding off results is what takes you to the next level

A Motivation rant coming from a loving place

I made this video last Wednesday.
It was a long day but still I felt empowered and motivated and I really wanted to share that with you. I had just taken off my make-up and I did my mobility/ stretch exercise, which is one of my recent most enjoyable tiny habits–always brings a  smile on my face–and that is when I decided I should really do the video because it will just paint the whole picture for you.
So this video starts with a bit of desperational rant…hahaha… but it is all coming loving place and the goal here is to show you a couple of things:

  1. That you should act to get motivated and not the other way around. Same goes for confidence by the way
  2. When we say “act” we are aiming more for consistency than intensity or time spent on the action
  3. Urge you to start now with a tiny habit, with just one drop of Tango in day and scale, because I believe you can. I know you have that fire in you and I would love to see you reaching all your goals while having A LOT of fun!
  4. I am actually sharing a specific exercise. It is going to help you relax your hips, something followers often have trouble with, and at the same time help you work on your balance and rotation of the upper body.
What I would like you to remember from this video

What I would like you to take away from this video, is that Tango, dance and Art in general, aside from everything else give you the opportunity to be a kid again. To feel that because you are learning something new, because you have no idea what the rules are, you’ re gaining some of that time back almost… feel as if you have the whole life ahead of you and you can afford to go all in, you can turn not-knowing-the-rules into an advantage, you can take risks and learn without being too harsh on yourselves…

Ok, enough text..! Here is the video:
Don’t rely on motivation. Rely on results

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