Posture in Tango– Why it feels so unnatural? #2 (yOUR reasons..!)

I wrote this article on posture last week BUT there was a catch to it… There was ONE very important reason missing…YOUR reason on why posture feels unnatural.

I wanted to hear you guys out. See if there was something I was missing. Start a conversation on social media, on a fundamental Tango element.
And I am very glad I did that, instead of just writing the article in full!

Why posture feels unnatural? (yOUR reasons..!)

you mean moving with someone attached to the front of you is supposed to feel natural?” J.
Why tango posture SHOULD feel unnatural to anyone?”  I.

Really now, with all sincerity, since when do any of us walk around with someone stuck on our face?
Certainly NOT me!

So, basically when we get into Tango we are asked to keep our chest open, our shoulders back and down. Head UP!
Hips back, abs tight… (I am already tired just writing this…)

Even if you have physically managed to have a good posture, while practicing on your own, when you get into an embrace, your posture will get affected by the contact with the other person.
If you are comfortable with the intimacy of the close embrace your posture will become smoother and gentler, allowing you to merge in a real hug.
If you are still uncomfortable, though, your posture will get worse, will feel more and more unnatural and robotic.

It is awkward, the sooner you accept that the better it will be!

Why does everyone tell me that the posture should feel natural?

I am going to tell you a short story…

Being in Greece and learning Tango, I consider myself very lucky! We get many of the great names of Tango visiting.
So there was a period of time when I was meeting a lot of Argentinians.

For Argentinians, a hug and kiss when they meet you is protocol
For Greeks a handshake is enough. If you get passed the handshake, though you get two kisses! haha

So, after many…too many…hugs and kisses. Here I was presenting my thesis…you see it coming right?
A visitor and friend of my professor was there for the presentation.
I finish the presentation, my professor introduces me to our visitor aaaand no, the handshake wasn’t enough. I gave her a hug and two kisses!

Cultural mix-and-match!!!

She smiled at me awkwardly…poor woman!hahaha

I have been more careful ever since, after realizing that what might be natural to me, it might not feel natural to other people.

Why SHOULD everyone feel unnatural?

No, I am sorry you can’t blame your partners for your posture feeling unnatural!
The embrace will just reveal to you the awkwardness, but your partner is not necessarily the one to blame.

Accept the awkwardness and focus on finding what is the causes it.
Is it the connection?
Does the pressure against your partner’s chest, make you stiffen or pull away from your partner?
Is it the frame of the arms?
Do you feel pain in the arms or shoulders?
Is it in the hips and/or lower back?
Are you trying so hard to keep your feet and hips away from your partner that you end up stiffening up?
Is it the intimacy of the close embrace?
Do you change to a robot the moment you get into the embrace?

Find what creates the discomfort, to open up the path to a more enjoyable posture, to a more enjoyable dance!

Always keep in mind though that when dancing with someone, especially if you haven’t danced with them before, awkwardness is not only expected but also natural. Embrace the awkwardness to make the moment special!

Leave your comment below… I might have a few suggestions for you in the next article.


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