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Hi there, boys and girls,
Welcome to Bautanz!

Does any of this sound familiar, by any chance:

I’m still fairly self-conscious in social dancing, since improvising a routine is difficult, I want to see how different a class is after we become comfortable with the dance moves

It frustrates me when I am not able to follow what the teacher says, and look like a fool

When it works I feel like I can do anything. It is that feeling of accomplishment and progress that thrills me. When it doesn’t though…”

I want to dance with people, who are dancing with ME. Who are INTO our dance

If so I think you have come to the right place…

Chrisa Assis Argentine Tango

Hi! I am Chrisa Assis, founder and teacher at Bautanz, where I help people who love Tango, like you, become the dancers they always hopes, wished dreamed of.

Why do you dance Tango?

I am sure it is not because the Saturday evening of your dreams involves: sitting in a milonga, feeling frustrated, unmotivated, rejected and ignored…

It is most likely because you still love Tango despite the milonga- pain. You still think that it is a challenging but interesting dance.
A dance that is intimate and powerful, with a mystery hidden in the embrace. And if it works you really loose yourself in it.  Right?

Right! So, why isn’t it working?

Why do we have to go through this emotional-Tango roller coaster, where a tanda with an amazing dancer can get you to 7th heaven and on the very next one you want to kill yourself?

Is it really because is Tango is a difficult dance or because you haven’t worked hard enough or because you don’t have a steady partner?

The answer unfortunately or fortunately, is no!
No, working harder, takiing more classes, doing more privates, going to more festivals will not be enough… And getting a steady partner is easier said than done.

And all that comes from someone who has spent years in doing both; working hard and trying to get a steady partner.

In both cases the sweet joy of progress is short lived and before you know it you end up twice as good and 4 times as bitter and frustrated.

Is there a way out…?

Yes, there is!

A smarter, more efficient and sustainable practice. A practice system based on winning material that I follow myself durng my daily practices.
A system that:

  • Makes me feel physically better when I dance
    No more squeezing, pulling,reaching and pushing that caused tension
    I focused on discovering how to move my whole in unison to create a smooth, effortless dance
  • Allows me to enjoy every dance.
    No more waiting for the great dancers for a dance.
    Instead, I focused more on making the best out of every dance, while enjoying the confidence of in choosing my partners.

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Wait, wait…don’t start protesting… why should I practice, I don’t have a partner etc etc.
I know all that. As you will see in this guide I have been in your shoes so:

  1. Repeat after me: “If she can do it, so can I”
    AGAIN: “If she can do it, so can I” haha
    There are no dead ends when we are talking about something you love doing.  If I can make the best out every dance, if I now have the confidence to choose my partners. YOU can do it too!
  2. Start small and build up! Don’t start with a 1hour practice start with 10mins.
    You have 10mins. You deserve 10mins. Schedule 10mins in your day and start NOW

So welcome once again and have fun!



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