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Hi there, boys and girls,
Welcome to Bautanz!

Online Tango existed in Bautanz prior to Covid19, as the internet felt like a good place to share thoughts and ideas on Tango, dance and Art.

In the strange year of 2020 that we have left behind us, we got into online classes and workshops and so we will continue in 2021, with more classes, more themes, more explorations, more Tango

  • Mindfulness and Music sessions; exploring posture, walking, rhythm, expressivity, movement and stillness
  • Tango Movement and Music classes; deepening our knowledge, practice and understanding of all Tango fundamentals and how we can a build the relationship with the music
  • Fitness Classes; covering the same themes as the Tango classes only from a different perspective

Does any of this sound familiar, by any chance:

“My ideal dance is the one that I feel free, relaxed, that my movement feels good! I think the most important thing is a mutual exchange between partners, sharing and receiving”

“For me technique is key. Perfect technique, proper movement and clear lines, is what I am looking for.”

“I am feeling extremely nervous, even when I am dancing with someone I know. I want to be able to feel more comfortable, more relaxed and sure about my leading.”

“Once I heard, a follower saying to her friends: “Don’t dance with that guy, he is terrible”… I don’t want to be that guy” 

I want to dance with people, who are dancing with ME. Who are INTO our dance…

Chrisa Assis Argentine Tango

Hi! I am Chrisa Assis, founder and teacher at Bautanz, where I help people who love Tango, like you, become the dancers they always knew they could be.

And if you have the same fears and hopes and dreams as my students and friends from above, you have come to the right place!

Why do you dance Tango?

Is it the smoothness of the music and the dance? The intimacy and magic of the embrace.
It might be the way it makes you feel as you learn to move your body in a more effortless way. Or those precious 20secs when it all clicked and worked and you felt you could really loose yourself in the dance…

I know you are probably thinking: “Yes when it works…!”

Let’s take a moment then to imagine the perfect milonga

  • First of all, you walk in with an air of calmness and confidence
  • You start dancing and you are enjoying every minute of every dance
  • Your partners might not be the best in the world but they are interesting, they are having fun, they are relaxed and they giving back as much as you are sharing
  • Your posture is secure, your balance is effortless, your steps are strong and powerful, and your mind is free
  • You can be musical, playful and creative
  • And last but not least, you can choose your partners with confidence and you are not feeling like a looser when you are sitting out.
Let’s get THAT then, TOGETHER!

It doesn’t have to be just a dream, or a wish. We can get it together!

No no, don’t worry, I am not going to start throwing rules and advice at you.
I know very well that you have heard all of this before, so I won’t waste your time repeating them.

And I am not going to lecture you on how you SHOULD practice, or go to more milongas or find a partner.
Because I have been in your shoes, feeling stuck, frustrated, and unmotivated to practice or dance

This is what I will do instead
  1. Deliver an Online Tango and Fitness classes that invites to learn how your body wants to move. This way you can understand where all these rules are coming from and make informed decisions on which styles you would like to follow. See the details here: Online Tango Classes- Live every Saturday through the Zoom
  2. We will practicing together every Wednesday live in our Mid-week Tango practice:
    On Facebook:
    Or Youtube:
  3. Mindfulness and Musicality Sessions, a series of 5 Pay from the Heart Workshops:
  4. I am going to share with you the best exercises and the most powerful drills, that I use to my daily INDIVIDUAL practice–yes, you DON’T need a partner..!
    The same exercises that allowed me go from good enough but miserable to great and beyond.
    Plus, extra tools on motivation, inspiration and creativity for you to feed your body, your mind and your spirit so you will never feel stuck.

Let’s Practice together

  • Avoid the mistakes 90% of social dancers make that make them stiff and robotic on the dance floor
  • Feel secure, confident and in control without creating tension
  • Manage to connect with more people, making the best out of every dance
  • Become the dancer you KNOW you can be!

Here is an exclusive Follow along Practice Video

Constructing Dance

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