Welcome, welcome..!

Argentine Tango technique

Hi there, boys and girls,

Welcome to Bautanz!

I am Chrisa Assis, founder and teacher at Bautanz!

Why do you dance Tango?
I am sure it is not because the Saturday evening of your dreams involves: sitting in a milonga, feeling frustrated, unmotivated, rejected and ignored…

It is most likely because you still love Tango despite the milonga- pain. You still think that it is a challenging but interesting dance.
A dance that is intimate and powerful, with a mystery hidden in the embrace. And if it works you really loose yourself in it.  Right?

Right! So, is it working..?

Are you now finding yourselves thinking:
“Sometimes especially if I am dancing with a good dancer. But if not, it is just HELL” or
“I was really enjoying Tango in the beginning, but now I feel stuck. I don’t dance that much in the milongas, so I avoid them because they make feel like a loser”
“My biggest challenge is handling rejection. The cabeceo doesn’t work for me because if someone doesn’t know you they won’t look at you no matter how good you are”
“I know that if I had a partner things would have been so much different. Now I go to the milongas and I feel like walking pray. I can’t even say NO to someone because I won’t be dancing at all after wards”
“Tango is a difficult dance. And it can get really frustarting because you need to put a lot of work into it to start feeling like you can be creative and free on the dance floor”

Is there a way out…?

Yes, there is!
here is the Ultimate Practice Guide

Wait, wait…don’t start protesting… why should I practice, I don’t have a partner etc etc.
I know all that, so I am going to tell what exactly to do with this guide, so read on. It will only take a minute…

2 things to conside before you start with the guide:

  1. Repeat after me: “If she can do it, so can I”
    AGAIN: “If she can do it, so can I” haha
    There are no dead ends when we are talking about something you love doing. As you will see in this guide, I have been in your shoes  and now I enjoy every dance, because I can make the best out every dance and I have the confidence to choose my partners. YOU can do it too!
  2. Start small and build up! Don’t start with a 1hour practice start with 10mins.
    You have 10mins. You deserve 10mins. Schedule 10mins in your day and start NOW

So welcome once again and have fun!



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